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Adam spraying customer's trees and shrubs

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program

Below is a description of our Tree and Shrub Care Program. We want you, our customer, to always know what we are putting down, when we are putting it down and why. Of course, please feel free to reach out to us if you still have any questions on our program.

Spring Tree and Shrub Feeding
In March and early April we will fertilize your trees and shrubs with a balanced rate of fertilizer. This is a special fertilizer which is designed to have a very slow release. It will feed your trees and shrubs throughout the season, improving their resistance to injury from insects and disease. Watch Tree & Shrub Feeding Promo
Dormant Oil Treatment
This application is a Non-Toxic spray used to kill insects and mites before they hatch. It will work on many pests to include scale, mites and woolly aphids. One of the many benefits of oil treatments is that they do not harm many desirable and beneficial natural enemies of invasive pests.
Spring|Late Spring Treatment
This application is an insect & disease spray which will control pests like apple scab, cedar apple rust, aphids, birch leaf miner and eastern tent caterpillars.
June|July Treatment
This application is an insect & disease spray which will control summer insects & disease such as cedar apple rust, apple scab, scale, birch leaf minor, spider mites, Japanese beetles and aphids.
July|August Treatment
This application is an insect & disease spray which will control mites, powdery mildew, fall webworm, lace bugs and many other insects & disease.
Fall Tree and Shrub Feeding
This feeding is applied after your landscape is done growing for the season. This is a slow release fertilizer, feeding the roots throughout the winter. A healthy root system will ensure that your trees and shrubs are more vibrant in the spring. Watch Tree & Shrub Feeding Promo

Tree Program:

Additional Tree and Shrub Services

Borer Injection
Borers are a serious insect problem inside the trunks of trees. The foliar sprays will not control borers. This treatment is designed to be taken up by the roots into the trunk, stems and twigs of the tree, controlling the borer.
Tree Pruning
The best time to prune a tree is when it is dormant. For this reason, most of our tree pruning is done from November through April 1st. Since this is our slow time of year, we offer discounted winter rates. Watch Tree Pruning Promo
Tree Removal
We love trees, but when a a tree is in danger we can safely remove it for you. Watch Tree Removal Promo
Stump Grinding
Have us remove that unsightly stump, clean up, soil and seed for you. Watch Stump Grinding Promo
Tree Planting
We know trees; that's our business. Let us help you select the proper tree for the area and ensure that it is installed properly, giving it a long and healthy life.
Tick Sprays
Spray your landscape twice a year to keep you and your pets Tick free. This application substantially reduces your risk of contracting Lyme Disease. Watch Tick Spray Promo

Additional Information

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