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Our Lawn Care Program

Below is a description of our Lawn Care Program. We want you, our customer, to always know what we are putting down, when we are putting it down and why. Of course, please feel free to reach out to us if you still have any questions on our program.

Early Spring Treatment
The first application consists of a balanced rate of fertilizer and a preventative crabgrass control. This application will keep the crabgrass from germinating and make your lawn thick, green and crabgrass free.
Late Spring|Early Summer Treatment
This application consists of a balanced rate of fertilizer and a broadleaf weed control. The fertilizer used in this application is a slow release fertilizer; it will feed your lawn over the course of several weeks. We have also added a preventative crabgrass control, our second of the season, to this application. This application also includes, on an as needed basis, an insecticide for surface feeding insects.
Grub Control Treatment
This application is applied in the summer months. This will prevent grubs from destroying your lawn in the fall. At this time of year our technician will take the opportunity to spray hard-to-control weeds and crabgrass. Summer weeds and crabgrass require extra attention as they are difficult to control.
Lime Treatment
This application will adjust the pH of the soil. The soil must have the proper pH in order for the fertilizer to be effective. This application also adds calcium and magnesium, which is often deficient in our area's soil.
Early Fall Treatment
This application is a balanced rate of fertilizer and weed control. This helps the lawn bounce back from the stress of the hot summer months.
Winterizer Treatment
This application is done in the fall. We prefer to do this application when the lawn is done growing for the season. This application will work on the root system over the winter, helping your lawn come in thicker and greener in the spring.

Lawn Program:

Additional Lawn Services

Slicer Seeding
This is a process we use to seed your lawn. The machine we use will slice through thin areas of your lawn and drop seed into the soil. This is a very cost effective way to thicken your lawn.
This is a process by which we use a machine to puncture a hole through the thatch and into the soil. This process will reduce thatch buildup, improve drainage and air circulation to the roots. This will increase root development, resulting in a healthier lawn. Watch Aeration Promo

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