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McGuanes Irrigation Services

Irrigation Installation

This is one of the most cost effective ways of protecting your investment in your lawn & landscape. Hiring a licensed irrigation contractor ensures its done right the first time. Having someone to call to maintain your system can also add peace of mind.

Irrigation Maintenace

Spring Startup

Our trained professionals will come in and start up your system, adjust all heads, replace any damaged or leaking heads and program your timer.
Having a trained a technician start up and check your system will result in more effective and efficient operation.

Fall Winterization

We will shut off your water, blow out the water from your lines and winterize the back flow system. This prevents damage from the freezing water, which can result in costly repairs.

Additional Information

Below is some information which we think may be valuable to you, our irrigation customer.

Deduct meter information for Enfield residents
We have heard from many of our irrigation customers that they have seen a higher sewer usage fee because of their irrigation system. This is because this fee is based on water usage. Enfield, has however, implemented a way for residents to deduct water used for outdoor uses (washing cars, watering gardens, irrigating lawns, etc.) from this calculation by installing a deduct meter on the water line going outside. Please follow this link for more information. If you decide to have a deduct meter installed, we can help you with that. Just give us a call.